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[Responsibilities] - Develop drone flight control software and firmware - Develop efficient flight control algorithms using sensor information [Qualifications] - Experienced in robotics algorithms (state estimation, nonlinear control, sensor fusion, trajectory and action planning, SLAM) - 3+ years of work experiences in developing embedded softwares for robot and/or industrial device - M.S or higher degree of mechanical engineering / electronic engineering / computer science - Experienced in processing information on various sensors such as IMU, sonar and camera
[Responsibilities] - Develop autonomously flying drones and robots - Develop image processing algorithms [Qualifications] - Vision Processing (SLAM, Visual Odometry, Visual tracking, Gesture Recognition, etc.) - Experienced in OpenCV and/or Tensor Flow - Experienced in developing image signal processing, computer vision and image recognition [Preference] - Experienced in developing camera-mounted device and image processing - Experienced in optimizing processing speed and quality for image codes - Experienced in developing object tracking algorithms using feature points in images - Experienced in developing positioning and position shift functions using images
[Responsibilities] - Develop android apps for drone - Develop connections and settings for drone - Develop streaming players for android - Optimize resolution and UI per android screen size [Qualifications] - 3+ years of developing android apps - Experienced in developing Custom native UI - Experienced in WiFi and/or bluetooth communications - Experienced in launching and maintaining google marketplaces [Preference] - Used source repositories - Developed streaming services - Developed JNI and NDK
[Responsibilities] - Develop Microprocessor Software System based on RTOS Network Programming (BLE, Wifi) [Qualifications] - Develop microprocessor software system based on RTOS Network Programming (BLE, Wifi) - Have basic knowledges about image codecs (H.264, HEVC, etc.) - Experienced in developing streamings using Wifi/BLE - Experienced in developing ARM Embeded Linux [Preference] - Developed OS level (thread, scheduling, memory management) - Implemented robotics algorithms for state estimation, sensor fusion, trajectory & action planning, and SLAM
[Responsibilities] - Design devices for drone - Design pro-E and Catia [Qualifications] - Experienced in designing devices using 2D/3D CAD and CAE - Experienced in mass production and co-work with vendors
[Responsibilities] - Design hardwares for drone/controller/IoT - Do hardware bring-up - Design and review Artwork [Qualifications] - 5+ years of relative work experiences - OrCAD - Pads LAYOUT - Experienced in portable product development - Experienced in wireless products (Wi-Fi, BLE etc.) - Experienced in domestic and overseas certification process
[Responsibilities] - Test Software User Interface - Test APP User Interface [Qualifications] - 4+ years of experience as a test engineer. - 2+ years of developing test automation and frameworks - Have expertises in testing mobile devices. - Have expertises in writing test cases and test plans - Have expertises in root cause analysis and regression testing
[Responsibilities] - Flight test driving [Qualifications] - 3+ years of experiences of RC control - 3+ years of experiences in airframe tuning - Experienced in controlling rotary wing and fixed wing
[Resposibilities] - Respond to customer enquiries and complaints - Review contracts - Manage A/S center [Qualification] - 2+ years of relative work experiences (required) - Good at English (required)
[Responsibilities] - Analyze and report repairs history - Train A/S employees overseas [Qualifications] - 2+ years of repairs unit, both hardware and software - Understanding drone system
[Responsibilities] - Manage or be responsible for sales in Asia [Qualifications] - Fluent in English (required) - Communication & Interpersonal Skills - Understandning technologies - Adaptability & agility - 5+ years of relative work experiences (preferred) - Fluent in Chinese and/or Asian Native (preferred)
[Responsibilities] - Execute overseas sales [Qualifications] - American native, European native (required) - Communication & interpersonal skills [Preference] - Educational Background in STEM
[Responsibilities] - Make digital contents (photo, graphics, etc.) - Do branding - Conduct visual designs for product [Qualifications] - Good at expressing ideas freely - Present a portfolio (required)
[Responsibilities] - Film and digital contents directing/shooting/editing - Designing & creating various artworks [Qualifications] - 2+ years of work experience of commercial film - Experienced in motion graphic - Must be a person who enjoy directing video film with diverse moods - Present a portfolio (required)
[Responsibilities] - Plan video, contents and offline events - Brand domestic and overseas agency managing products [Qualifications] - Fluent in English - 3+ years of work experiences in advertising company - Interested in music, video and picture, and understanding cultural diversity
[Responsibilities] - Funds deposit and withdrawal - Taxation (withholding tax, surtax, etc.) - Payroll - Insurance (pension, health, employment, industrial accident compensation) - Others [Qualifications] - 3+ years of relative work experiences - Experienced in accounting programs (douzone, etc.) for slip processing, adjustment and etc. [Preference] -Did own books (2+ years), experienced in national assignments
[Responsibilities] - Recruiting - New employee training - Performance evaluation [Qualifications] - 5+ years of relative work experiences
[Responsibilities] - Business development and market analysis - Product strategy & planning - Support for establishing long-term vision & strategies [Qualifications] - 3+ years of relative work experiences