Privacy Policy

this is engineering Inc. (“TIE” or “We” or “Our”) strives to comply with personal data protection-related laws of Korea, such as the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. and the Personal Information Protection Act, as well as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) to protect personal data of users who use the websites operated by TIE (“Users”) including,, etc. (“TIE Sites”). This Privacy Policy informs you about the purpose and methods of personal data collection and use and what actions we are taking to protect privacy of our Users. This Privacy Policy may be changed according to the revision of related laws or our corporate policies, and we recommend you check our website frequently as all changes will be notified to you through our website. With regard to this Privacy Policy, information about personal data handler is as follows: (1) Personal Data Handler: this is engineering Inc. (2) Address: 5F, 42, Changeop-ro, Sujeong-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi, Korea (3) E-mail: (4) Phone: +82-31-721-2300 1. Purpose of Collecting and Using Personal Data We process your personal data to: (1) Handle membership registration and management on TIE Sites We collect and use personal data to check Users’ intention for membership registration, identify members to provide membership services, maintain and manage membership status, authenticate Users, prevent unauthorized use of services, make various notifications, handle complaints made by Users, etc. (2) Provide goods or services, related information, and after-sale services We collect and use personal data to deliver goods and related information, provide software and after-sale services, send contracts or bills, provide content and personalized services, identify Users, identify Users’ ages, make payments, settle accounts, and collect debts. (3) Handle complaints made by Users We collect and use personal data to identify Users with complaints, check content of such complaints, contact Users to examine facts, and notifying Users of processing results. (4) Provide marketing and event-related information such as newsletters We collect and use personal data to provide information about marketing and discount events related to our products and services through newsletters, etc. In principle, we need to receive consent from Users to process personal data for these purposes. 2. Types of Personal Data Collected and Collection Methods Our privacy policy requires us to collect and use minimum amount of information necessary for carrying out the purposes specified in Article 1 and then destroy such personal information. The types of personal data collected and collection methods are as follows: (1) Information collected during membership registration - Required items: Name, email address - Optional items: Address, phone number (2) Information collected while using TIE Sites - Optional items: Product model name, S/N, date of purchase - Cookies, access logs, etc. can be automatically generated and collected while using TIE Sites. (3) Information collected on newsletter subscription ※ You can choose to subscribe to newsletters that provide information about events such as marketing and discount events related to our products and services. The following personal data will be collected on newsletter subscription: - Required items: Email address (4) Information collected during online purchases - Required items: Orderer information (name, zip code, shipping address, phone number, email address), recipient information (name, phone number), payment information (payment method, credit card payment details), refund account information (for return) - Log data, cookies and web beacons, usage time, access IP information, country codes, etc. can be automatically generated and collected during the online purchase process. If you agree to personal data collection and enter your personal data while using our services, we will collect your personal data. In addition, personal data may also be collected through TIE Sites, email, fax, phone, etc. while we handle user complaints, provide after-sale services, and provide consultations related to complaints and after-sale services. Personal data may also be collected in writing at online and offline events, seminars, etc. We may receive personal data from partner companies or organizations. In this case, in accordance with the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc., partner companies and organizations will obtain their users’ content for personal data provision before providing personal data to us. Your device information and other information can be automatically generated and collected while you use PC Web and mobile Web/applications.
Additional explanation regarding collection of automatically generated information ① IP (Internet Protocol) An IP address is an online address information given by an Internet network provider to a device like your computer accessing the Internet. ② Service Usage History Time and date of accessing TIE Sites and services, the list of services used, and any normal or abnormal log that occurs while using services. ③ Device Information For the purpose of this Privacy Policy, device information refers to not only information given to a device in the production and sales process but also information that can be checked through the software used to drive the device. It refers to the name you give to your computer in the OS installation (Windows, MAC, etc.) process, serial numbers of peripheral devices installed to the computer, unique identifiers (IMEI, IMSI) necessary for mobile communications, AAID or IDFA, preferred language and time zone settings, mobile service carrier code of USIM, etc. However, where it is necessary to collect unique identifiers of devices such as IMEI, we encrypt those identifiers before collecting them to remove their identifiability so that their original values are not discernable even by us. ④ Cookie We operate ‘Cookie’, which saves and finds user information on a regular basis. A Cookie is a very small text file sent to your browser from the server that is used to operate TIE Sites. Cookies are stored in the hard disc driver of your computer. ⑤ Purpose of Using Cookies, etc. Cookies may also be used to track users across the web. We use information collected from cookies for marketing and product planning purposes. Collected data may also be shared, in aggregate form, with third-parties (e.g. dealers, marketing companies, etc.) ⑥ How to Set Cookies From the “Tools” menu, select “Internet Options.” Click on the “Personal Data” tab. Use “Settings” to set the appropriate level of cookie acceptance. ⑦ How to Block Cookies From the "Tools" menu, select "Internet Options". Click on the “Personal Data” tab. Under “Settings”, move the slider to the top to “Block All Cookies.” A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on your computer by your web browser while you access the website. If you visit the website again later, the server of the website reads the content of cookies stored on your computer to maintain the service use settings you prefer, facilitating convenient use of Internet services. Also, the server of the website can provide services (including ads) tailored to your taste and interest by analyzing information about services you visited, service access time and frequency, information generated or provided (entered) while using services, etc. You can set the browser to accept all cookies, have the browser notify you whenever cookies are stored, or block cookies altogether through options provided on your web browsers. However, if you blocks all cookies, you may not be able to take advantage of some services.
※ In principle, we do not collect personal data of users under 14. ※ When we conduct an online event, we will get consent from participants by separately announcing types of personal data collected (name, contact number, address, etc.), purpose of collection, and retention period by event type. ※ We can collect additional personal data in relation to contract signing, retention, implementation, and management, event participation, promotion and marketing activities, etc. In this case, we will get additional consent from related parties by separately announcing types of personal data collected, purpose of collection, and retention period on the concerning webpage. ※ You may refuse to agree to collection and use of required items of personal data. In this case, your use of services may be restricted. If you refuse to agree to collection and use of optional items, service use will not be restricted. 3. Retention and Utilization Period of Collected Data In principle, we may hold and use personal data until the purpose of collecting and using personal data is achieved. However, if it is required by law to keep personal data for a certain period of time, we will keep personal data collected safely for that period. - Records of payment and supply of goods, etc.: 5 years (Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc.) - Records of contract or cancellation of orders, etc. : 5 years (Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc.) - Records of handling consumer complaints or disputes: 3 years (Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc.) - Records of collection/processing and utilization of credit information : 3 years (Use and Protection of the Credit Information Act) - Records of display and advertisement: 6 months (Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc.) - Records of visits to Websites: 3 months (Protection of Communications Secrets Act) 4. Overseas Users Since our severs are in Korea, which is a third country outside the EU, personal data of any information subject in the EU is transferred to our server in Korea. In this case, personal data is transferred after we receive consent from the information subjects in the EU. 5. Personal Data Destruction Procedures and Methods In principle, we will immediately destroy personal data collected after the purpose of use has been achieved or the retention/use period determined by relevant laws has expired. Procedures and methods of personal data destruction are as follows. (1) Destruction procedures The information you entered for membership registration, etc. will be destroyed without delay after the purpose of use has been achieved. However, it may be destroyed after being stored for a certain period in accordance with relevant laws (see Retention and Utilization Period). (2) Destruction Method - Personal data stored in electronic file format will be permanently deleted in a way that is not recoverable. - Personal data printed on paper (printed materials, written forms, etc.) will be shredded or burnt up. 6. Provision of Personal Data to Third Parties We will not provide any of your personal data to any third party except where you agree or it is required by relevant laws. We may provide your personal information to third parties as follows, only for the purpose of providing or improving products, services, and advertisements: ① Parties receiving personal data: Distributors, agents and retailers of TIE ② Purpose of using personal data: Delivery of products, after-sale and follow-up services, customer satisfaction survey ③ Types of personal data provided : Name, email, phone number, address ④ Period of retaining and using personal data: 3 months 7. Consignment of Personal Data Processing In order to implement services, we have consigned personal data processing to an outside expert. To ensure that your personal data is protected, we comply with relevant laws and oversee consignee’s compliance with those laws. In case there are any changes to consigned businesses, we will notify the details on the notice section of our website. - Consignee: FedEx (UPS), CJ Logistics, UPIT KOREA - Consigned businesses: Product and goods delivery 8. Users’ Rights and Execution of Rights Users or legal representatives of users under 14 may request for personal data review, correction or deletion, suspension of personal data processing, and withdrawal of consent at any time. To make such requests, you may use the "Edit Personal Data (or “Edit Member Info”)” menu on the homepage or contact personal data protection officer by phone or via email to have your requests processed without delay. However, we may refuse your requests to access, correct or delete all or part of your personal data in the following cases: – Access is prohibited or restricted by law. – You may possibly damage another person's life or body, or to improperly violate another person's property and other interests. 9. Users’ Rights and Execution of Rights under EU GDPR (1) Users in the EU have the right to have personal data they provided sent back to them or request transfer of such data to another handler. However, when personal data is processed in accordance with an agreement or contract and when personal data is processed automatically, it shall be done in a way not violating the rights of any other person. (2) Users in EU have the right to request restrictions on the processing or use of their personal data in the following cases: ① The user raised an objection to the accuracy of personal data; ② The user made a request for proving, exercising or defending a claim; or ③ The user requested such restrictions. (3) Users in the EU have the right to request deletion of their personal data in the following cases: ① Personal data is no longer needed; ② The user cancelled his/her consent; ③ The user opposes the processing of personal data for profiling or marketing purposes; ④ Personal data was handled illegally; or ⑤ It must be deleted to comply with legal obligations (4) Users in the EU have the right to request TIE to correct their inaccurate personal data without delay and to complement their incomplete personal data by providing additional statements for information processing purpose. (5) Users in the EU, who have agreed to personal data processing, have the right to withdraw their consents at any time. In this case, however, some services may become unavailable. (6) Users in the EU have the right to file a complaint with the supervisory agency regarding their personal data processing at any time. (7) Users in the EU have the right to oppose items, which may significantly impact them, being processed automatically through profiling, etc. 10. Changes in Privacy Policy This Privacy Policy has become effective as of August 29, 2019.